Who was Doctor Bonfim?

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Who was Doctor Bonfim?

Bonfim da Costa Neves was born in 1904 in the parish of S. Cristina de Malta, Vila do Conde county. He graduated at age 22 at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto. He married in 1928 with a transmotana they moved later to Alvites – Mirandela, land of his wife and where they lived for two years. It was then living in the Tower of Dona Chama, renting a house that is now known as Ramadinha’s house. At that time there was only one doctor in the tower, Dr. Silva, already advanced in age, so he began to be called by a new doctor. Doctor Silva entrusted to him his sick and his own health, placing all his trust in him. Thus, he founded his career as a doctor. He practiced for 47 years in many villages in the counties of Mirandela, Vinhais, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Valpaços. Without the conditions that we have nowadays, the roads were painful, and Doctor Bonfim traveled long distances on his horse. At this height, doctors were a rarity all over the region.
Dr. Bonfim was deputy health minister in the municipality of Mirandela for many years and president of the Parish Council of the Tower of Dona Chama for 9 years. In his mandate, works such as the Pontoon on the Macedo River, the road to the Arches, the construction of the cemetery, the exploitation of water, the installation of the electric light to the sanitation network and the GNR station were carried out, leaving the project ready for the construction of an economic district. He died in 1975.


On 13 July 2013 Dr. Bonfim da Costa Neves was honored, a doctor who dedicated his life to the community, without looking at who could or should not pay him, but looking only at those who needed it. He was also known for the figure of Justice of the Peace, impartial, nonjudgmental, formerly conflict-litigator and master of wisdom.
To this honor were associated the staff of the Order of Physicians, dr. Germano de Sousa, the Assistant Secretary of State of the Minister of Health Dr. Adão Silva, the Mayor of Mirandela, dr. José Silvano and the Civil Governor of Bragança, besides other illustrious entities equally important in the region.

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