Accommodation and surroundings

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Accommodation and surroundings

When choosing a place to spend a few days of rest, it is natural to want to know the accommodation and surroundings. So that we can help you in your decision, we show you what Casa Doutor Bonfim has the best to offer you.

The accommodation

Come to know Portugal and its rurality, walk and take advantage of the power of Nature in its purest state. Enjoy beautiful scenery, enjoy the peace and quiet and reserve quality time for yourself. A traditional house, fully recovered, prepared to satisfy the most modern refinements, with all the comfort of the rural environment.

Visit us at Dr. Bonfim House in Torre de Dona Chama, in the municipality of Mirandela.


Casa Dr. Bonfim is located in the parish of Torre Dona Chama, which belongs to the municipality of Mirandela. Land of Caretos, of strong traditions and legends to enchant, of the time of the wars between Moors and Christians.

The parish of Torre Dona Chama is bordered to the west by the Rio Tuela, southwest of Vale de Gouvinhas, east by Fradizela, and confined to the northwest by São Pedro Velho (known for its unique characteristics strawberry). To the Northeast represents the county of Macedo de Cavaleiros, succeeding the parishes of Lamalonga Vilarinho de Agrochão and Arcas until finding, defining the southern limit, the village of Múrias.

As for the localities annexed, the parish of Guide is a place to visit. With a vast heritage of sacred art interest, where stands the Church of Guide. Highlight also for the main square and nice houses, which fuse the old construction with the modern trait. Mosteiró is another a locality located on the outskirts of the parish, with old schist houses and an interesting church in the regional stonework. In Vale de Tiles, do not miss the vast Roman legacy, which stretches along the territory. In the city of Mirandela, do not forget to try the alheira and the smokestack. There is also a vast itinerary of museums to visit in the municipality – the Museum of Olive Oil (Mirandela), Armindo Teixeira Lopes Municipal Museum (Mirandela) and the Museum of Curiosities (Romeu), are some of the suggestions.

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